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3 Dating Murders in Medellin Colombia thru Tinder

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Dating Colombian Women – www.ColombiaTips.com Tips : 3 Murders just happened … 2 today Feb 17th, 2022 and 1 last Wednesday. Both were trying to hook up with women (strangers) thru Tinder / free online unverified dating apps. UNVERIFIED means anyone can make a profile (real or fake).

In Medellin, dating apps are making it easier for criminals to operate. A foreigner was found dead in a hotel in the Laureles neighborhood.

“He requested, through the Internet, sexual services, some people entered this place of residence, gagged the citizen and assaulted him, and, apparently due to a situation of mechanical asphyxiation, this person was left there without vital signs,” said Colonel Rolfy Jimenez, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police of the AburrĂ¡ Valley.

In another case, an Australian lived the same drama. In the last hours, he fell accepted a meeting through the same application, but ended up gagged and assaulted.

“Two people are observed entering there and the same, they gag him, physically assault him and steal his belongings. Luckily, this citizen is alive”, assured Colonel Jimenez.