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5 Most Popular Visas In Colombia

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After visiting Colombia, you may want to stay more than 180 days in a year. Note that you can get 180 days in a year as a tourist. Generally, many countries can be entered with a 90-day tourist permit, which can be extended in the country for another 90 days at your local MigraciĆ³n Colombia office.

As an alternative to the Colombian tourist visa, you may consider one of the more popular visas listed below.

Colombia has three visa categories and more than 20 visas in total. The Colombian visa office has become very strict over the last year with the administration of Colomiba’s President Duque. All foreigners must have health insurance and a very strong visa application.

5 Most Popular Visas In Colombia

Get a Colombian Visa

Get a Colombian Visa

Most Popular Visas

1. Colombian Pension Visa:

The Colombian pension visa is a 1-3 year visa and to qualify you must receive $ 2,633,409 pesos per month. This is an immigrant visa without work privileges and is one of the easiest visas to obtain.

2. Colombian Real Estate Investment Visa:

A parent, whether a parent of a Colombian child by birth or adoption, may also apply for the resident visa.

3. Civil Union or Marriage Visa:

Commonly known as a marriage visa, you can obtain this visa by marrying or entering into a common law relationship with a Colombian citizen. This visa has work privileges, and after 2 years can be converted into permanent residence.

4. Business Owner Visa:

This visa requires a bit of work to obtain the visa, but if you really plan to own and operate a business in Colombia, this is a great option. Colombia is a business friendly country for foreign investors. You will need to create a company, make a foreign investment in your business account and have a good business plan ready to explain to Colombian visa officials.

5. Student Visa:

This is an excellent visa for people who wish to study Spanish or obtain a diploma from a university or technical school in Colombia. The student visa is issued as a visitor visa for non-degree programs, such as Spanish for foreigners. If you are in a degree program, or are seeking a visa as an exchange student, then you would apply for an M (migrant) visa.

5 Most Popular Visas In Colombia

Get a Colombian Visa

Get a Colombian Visa

How to apply for a Tourist or Visitor Visa in Colombia?

Remember that every visa application is a presentation of who you are and why Colombia believes you should visit.

The visa officer must believe that you will not overstay your tourist visa before it is given to you. Sometimes people can go to the consulate 1 time and an electronic visa can be issued for travel.

The usual approval time by consulates is 3 to 5 business days after the interview. Total processing time is usually 2 weeks.

A letter of invitation or vacation travel package must be provided. Accepted but not required initially, as well as airline tickets or hotel reservation. It is important to note that you can always send additional documents and do so well in advance because consulates may take 2 to 3 weeks before calling for an interview.

5 Most Popular Visas In Colombia

Applying for a visitor visa from abroad

A visa applicant who wishes to live, work and study in Colombia can apply for a Colombian work visa online. In addition, any Colombian visa can be obtained at any Colombian consulate worldwide.

Get a Colombian Visa

Get a Colombian Visa


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