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7 Frightening Dangers of Medellin’s Dating App Scene

Date Finder May 12
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As an American named Allen, residing in Medellin, Colombia for the past five years, I’ve witnessed the ins and outs of the local dating scene. Specifically, I’ve been focusing on the trend in dating Colombian women. But in recent times, a worrying trend has surfaced. There’s an alarming increase in potential dangers associated with Medellin girls using dating apps. This should be a cause for concern to all.

The Increase in Dating App Usage

Dating apps have become significantly popular globally, due to continuous technological innovation and expansion. Medellin is no exception. On the other side of this increased usage, however, is an unexpected influx of potential threats to young women. The list of dangers is extensive – from seasoned swindlers to perilous criminals, the risks are considerably high.

The Dangers Involved

A disturbing report by Colombia’s National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in 2018 highlighted the worrying increase in dating app-related crimes. The report recorded a chilling 25 deaths directly related to online dating encounters. These grim statistics demonstrate the extreme dangers associated with these platforms.

To illustrate this, I recollect the heartbreaking story of Maria, a good friend and Medellin local, who met a man on a well-known dating app. The promising connection quickly turned into a nightmare when her date became a dangerous stalker, causing her severe emotional trauma.

Avoiding the Risk

So, how can women in Medellin stay safe while exploring the opportunities dating apps offer? The most significant step is to be cautious. Confirming who you’re meeting, checking their background, and arranging your first meeting in a public place can greatly improve safety. It’s essential to remember that bad intentions can hide behind screens. Thus, it’s best to find a Colombian date safe & secure at Colombia-Love.com.


To conclude, while dating apps provide a fun and easy avenue for meeting people in Medellin, they can also pose real dangers. It’s crucial for users, particularly women dating Colombian men, to stay alert on these platforms. Remember, your safety is paramount. Be smart, be safe, and continue to enjoy the vibrant Medellin dating scene without falling prey to its darker underbelly. I urge you to find a Colombian date safe & secure at Colombia-Love.com.

In the world of dating Colombian women, it is important that we encourage and enable safe interactions and connections. Introduce safety and certainty into your dating life by contacting Colombia-Love.com today.


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