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7 Most Frightening Dangers in Colombia’s Online Dating Scene

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Welcome! My name’s Allen, an American who decided to embrace life in the lively city of Medellin, Colombia, in the past half-decade. I’ve been privy to a seismic shift in the dating landscape here, with a massive surge in online platforms replacing traditional dating methods. Unfortunately, amidst the benefits of these technology-enhanced connections, there lie serious threats, especially for Colombian women. Violence associated with dating in Colombia is on the rise, often linked to encounters originating online. As a specialist in Colombian dating safety, I am deeply concerned that the casual and faceless nature of these platforms enables miscreants to prey on naively trusting users.

Murky Waters Online – Risks and Dangers

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I vividly recall when dating apps began to shape the social scene in Medellin, with most local women initially apprehensive. Their skepticism, however, gradually waned over the years, and online platforms swiftly gained popularity. Sadly, these easily accessible platforms have proven to be a haven for predators.

Data from Colombia’s National Institute of Legal Medicine substantiate this, reporting approximately 246 women murdered in 2019 alone. While the link between these murders and dating apps is not entirely clear, the troubling stories I’ve heard and observed paint a grim picture of increasing violent assaults tied to online interactions.

Poorly Regulated Spaces – The Role of the App Developers

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If you take a moment to search for the top dating apps in Colombia, you will quickly realize that regulatory oversight of these platforms is lacking. This lack of regulation is the crux of our online dating safety problem. Without proper checks in place, app developers and companies prioritize user engagement and profit over user safety, leaving room for manipulation and the exploitation of vulnerable users, particularly young Colombian women.

Personal Story- Carmen’s Harrowing Experience

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I’m reminded of Carmen, an associate from Medellin, who encountered a nightmarish scenario that painfully underscores the issue at hand. Carmen met an ostensibly charming man on a well-known Colombian dating app, and after weeks of enjoyable online correspondence, decided to meet him. Regrettably, he turned out to be drastically different offline. Carmen’s account offers a stark reminder of the potential dangers lurking within online dating sites.


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To every man, especially those from America, contemplating dating Colombian women, I must urge you to proceed with caution. It’s vital to recognize the potential hazards and adopt stringent measures to protect yourself and your potential date. While dating apps offer a world of convenience and opportunities, they also potentially open Pandora’s box of dangers. Renowned platforms must take more considerable steps to enhance their safety protocols instead of disregarding the hazards their female users face.

Remember, the wisest defense against danger is a well-rounded understanding of the risks involved. Get to know the person behind the profile before meeting in person. Let’s aim for safer online dating experiences, and let’s persistently demand that these platforms prioritize user safety over income generation.

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