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7 Risks of Dating in Medellin: Cautionary Tales Inside

Date Finder Apr 14
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Experience the Magic of Colombian Dating: Stay Vigilant and Safe in Medellin

7 Risks of Dating in Medellin: Cautionary Tales Inside

Experience the Magic of Colombian Dating: Stay Vigilant and Safe in Medellin


The charming allure of Medellin, Colombia, coupled with the hope of finding love creates a truly enchanting experience. However, it’s equally important to stay vigilant and aware of the perils that sometimes accompany the dating scene in this vibrant city. Over the past five years of living in this city and navigating the Colombian dating apps, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Dating & Safety Statistics

Recent studies show that 50% of American men using dating apps abroad have had negative experiences. Unfortunately, despite its richness in culture and beauty, Medellin is not exempt from this statistic. The risk of being drugged, robbed, or worse isn’t just a tale, but an unfortunate reality encountered even in the realm of online dating here.

Navigating the Dating Scene

Scoring a date on a dating app like Tinder can feel like a real win. However, it’s key to bear in mind that not all online profiles are as sincere as they appear. ‘Devil’s Breath,’ a colorless, odorless drug endemic in Colombia, can rob a person of their agency, paving the path for robbery, assault, or even worse. Always monitor what you ingest.

Avoiding Perilous Situations

Let me share my personal experience. A few years back, I met ‘Carla’ on Tinder, and we agreed to meet at a popular café in Poblado, Medellin. I found myself unconscious halfway through the date, only to wake up later in an unknown location and robbed. Later, I found out I was drugged, precisely with the ‘Devil’s Breath.’ Thankfully, I got off with a bruised ego and a cautionary tale, but not everyone is as lucky.


Medellin, with its beautiful landscapes and deeply rooted cultural history, has a lot to offer. But the harsh realities can’t be ignored. Exercise caution. Take preventive measures and keep yourself safe while you explore the dating scene. A romantic interest is not worth the compromise on your peace or safety. Enjoy Medellin, and may you find love without the dangers you fear.

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