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Best Neighborhoods in Medellin

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  1. El Poblado
  2. Laureles
  3. Sabaneta
  4. Envigado


If you’re planning a move to Medellin, Colombia, you’ve probably already heard that it is one of the most beautiful and fastest-growing cities in South America. In this article, we will take a look at five of the best neighborhoods in Medellin, Colombia, based on factors such as location and safety. If you are thinking of moving to Medellin with your family or relocating your business there because it is one of the most important cities in Latin America right now, this article is for you!

The best neighborhoods in Medellin Colombia: A look at the top areas for expats
The five best neighborhoods in Medellin for expats are:

1. El Poblado: El Poblado is the most developed area of Medellin. It has a lot of shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars that cater to foreigners. A lot of the expats in El Poblado are North American.In a word, it’s a tourist trap, but there are so many things to do and see in this area.

Poblado: Safe and central, with affordable housing
Poblado has some of the cheapest housing in Medellín, and is safe and central, with plenty of restaurants and bars. It’s a great place for young people who are just starting out. Poblado is a little far from El Poblado, but it’s easy to get to.Make sure to note that the prices in this area start from 750 USD for a studio or 600 USD for a 1-bedroom apartment.

Colombia has plenty of active nightlife, with many rock clubs, some of which are open 24/7. In this area, you’ll find many trendy bars that host live music all night.

El Poblado is the most expensive neighborhood in Medellín. It’s a great neighborhood to live in but if you’re on a budget, you can still have a good experience here without paying for too much. You can find a great apartment in El Poblado for around $300 USD.

Because Colombia is experiencing a booming economy, there is a plethora of jobs here. Unlike other cities, people here work a more structured work week with Monday through Friday work. Generally, people work 11–16 hours per day, which is a great work-from-home opportunity, especially for freelancers who need to work from home for the holidays.


Laureles: excellent shopping and dining options
Laureles is about 15-30min drive from Parque Lleras and the best shopping and dining options are in the area.
Laureles is the only part of Medellin that is not considered part of the city. This pocket of modernity has been thriving with art galleries, cafes, charming cafes, and trendy bars. If you’re looking for trendy nightlife, you’ll find that in Laureles. The best way to enjoy this vibrant city is by taking an indoor or outdoor stroll. One of the best-known facts about this neighborhood is the Citadelle Festival, which has been going on since the year 1986. There is always live entertainment to cater to the diverse crowd.

When traveling to Colombia, no city is more popular than Boca del Rio, home to the Citadelle Agave. This square has become a legitimate tourist attraction in Colombia and attracts almost 40,000 visitors each August. So you can experience Colombia at its best.
On the other side of the river is Habana Vieja, and this neighborhood provides diverse shops, restaurants, palaces, and nightly cultural events. For a quick and safe escape, this district can also be reached by taking the metro or the subway.
This area is considered the center of the city and includes the presidential palace, which were both built in this area.

While the other areas in Colombia are full of colorful bars, terraces, and wandering art galleries, El Dorado is a quieter area. It is full of historic mansions and devotes itself to its art scene. Here, one can enjoy its culture and restaurants while staying away from noisy tourists.
Maracana is an important center for the military with its iconic Hotel Caribe. You can visit this historic landmark and its restaurant for a peaceful stay and amazing view of the city. Don’t miss the shopping and cultural faires happening in this center.

Sabaneta is the suburbs of Medellin.  About 20-30min drive from El Poblado.  Sabaneta is about 50-70% cheaper then El Poblado.  Everything is cheaper, rent, food, dining, and even dating… lol…  Very SAFE and quiet neighborhood.  This is a place for families, nothing exciting is happening here.  There is about 2-3 bars, but only 1 bar in which people dance.  The other bars, you just sit, drink, and talk.

Envigado is very close to El Poblado, but can stretch for about 30 minute drive.  It is a huge area.  Some very rich people in this area.  Drive thru the mountains and you will see some million dollar designer homes.

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