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Canadian Man Found Dead in Hotel

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How The Facts Happened

A new death of a foreign citizen was registered in Medellín. For now, little is known, but the case is already under investigation. So far it is known that he was a Canadian citizen and that he spent the last hours of his life in a hotel in Laureles, where he was found dead.

Although it is still impossible to know if it is a homicide, it is known that the man was 48 years old and that he had stayed at the hotel just a few hours before his death.

According to the account reconstructed by Sijín, the hotel receptionist was the one who found the body. The woman received a shift at 6:00 in the evening. When she arrived she was told that the guests were all in their rooms.

In fact, the receptionist said, the Canadian left the room several times, apparently to buy liquor.

The Night Before His Death

At about 4:00 a.m., the receptionist was startled to hear a noise. She went to the room where the Canadian citizen was and found him lying on the floor. The woman immediately called for help, but the man was already dead.

The police report indicated that the body showed no signs of violence, so the hypothesis that death was due to bronchoaspiration is gaining strength.


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