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Cell phone service in Colombia

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The first thing you need to do is set up your cell phone service when you land here in Colombia. your cell phone service from the United States most likely will not work so it’s going to be horrible because at the airport you won’t have access to Wi-Fi either. however if you have Google find network then you will have mobile cell phone service because it changes to the strongest Network in any country.
But if you don’t have Google file then you’re going to have to go down to Clair road which is the fastest strongest Network in Colombia.
When you get it set up make sure that they register the phone with Colombia. they don’t register the phone then within 3 months the phone will be blocked and it’s going to be a horrible ordeal to get it unblocked.

If it is blocked then it will be worthless in the entire country of Colombia and you cannot use it on any network.


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