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This is the official Colombia travel update for June 2021.

The Medellin curfew has been eliminated Colombia requires PCR test has been eliminated .

Colombia travel restrictions have been eliminated The Colombia curfew has been eliminated Colombia is Open without any Restrictions! Travel News for Digital Nomads. Life is great so far down here since June 8th, 2021. The president decided to open everything back up and as a bonus remove the pesky PCR arrival test.

In the next video, i’m going to break down what you need to bring down here. I call it the Colombia Travel Pack…lol — Enjoy.

Things that are open: -GYMS -Coffee Shops -Restaurants -Bars -Clubs -Speak Easy -Outside Events -Parque LLeras -and Every else you can think of…

What you need to do: Wear your mask and have a good attitude.

What to be aware of: With any big city you gotta watch out for pick pockets / hustles / and getting drugged. But most of the time all they want is your phone, so bring a cheap burner phone and have a great time.


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