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Colombian Women: 5 Tips and Tricks to Impress Your Date

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Leidy is 20 years old and works in marketing here in Medellin. Great woman, but it takes work to date her. Been dating for 2 months and not a kiss yet… =(

Another thing you should know is paisa women are business women, they are well educated hard working people, so don’t try to impress them with money, they are always trying to pull out money to split the bill and in some cases pay it all themselves.

That said, honesty can be your best card to play while dating in Medellin. Let them know what you want and be clear about it, they can get really possessive because that’s the way they like it. Jealousy it’s a really common thing here, part of the culture is having a ‘’side chick’’ thats why they are always looking to know what is what you want, expectations and goals when it comes to dating.