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Crepes & Waffles Restaurant Review for 2021

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An In-depth Review of Crepes & Waffles Restaurant in Colombia: The Food, the Ambience, and the Service.

1. Introduction to Crepes & Waffles Restaurant in Colombia

Crepes & Waffles is a restaurant chain in Colombia that serves sweet and savory crepes, waffles, and other desserts. What’s unique about Crepes & Waffles is that it has other revenue streams that are completely different from its restaurant sales.Recently, I came across a business model innovation among food delivery services called Delivery Loyalty Program. The concept of delivery loyalty program by delivery service companies like Uber Eats, Grab and Postmates is more than satisfying. In this case study, let’s see how Crepes & Waffles uses their Delivery Loyalty Program to delight their customers.

Google Reviews: “Great food, great service, does take out.” “Had crepes and drank a churro while we waited. Just wish the food and drink coming out was as good, if not better than when you got it.” “Amazing! Authentic and so crispy.”

“Ideally, I would give 5 stars but unfortunately, the service was so poor that my friend was just left with a huge plate of waffles and was not offered a refill. Been there multiple times and it’s always terrible. Disappointed.”

Is Crepes & Waffles the best breakfast or lunch restaurant in Colombia? The answer is No. Did you spend any money there? Definitely. The problem is that Crepes & Waffles is so much more than what you usually find at breakfast and lunch places in Colombia.


2. The food at Crepes & Waffles Restaurant

If you’re looking for a great place to eat in the area, Crepes & Waffles Restaurant has a great selection of savoury and sweet crepes and waffles, plus an extensive menu of other lunch and dinner items. Inside the restaurant, we found that the design, ambiance, service and food were excellent. The atmosphere was warm, inviting and pretty sophisticated for a restaurant in the downtown Colombian neighbourhood of Cali. Overall, we highly recommend Crepes & Waffles Restaurant for simple, but delicious food and friendly service.

WHAT TO ORDER: Crepes Traditional crepes made with stop-gap ingredients, baked on a wood-fired stone engine. Crepes don’t play well with outside ingredients (bending or dicing fruits, nuts – yum), but these small issues don’t stop us from ordering them.   Traditional crepes made with stop-gap ingredients, baked on a wood-fired stone engine. Crepes don’t play well with outside ingredients (bending or dicing fruits, nuts), but these small issues don’t stop us from ordering them. Waffles These waffles are much more striking.

Each waffle is made to order, is freshly made and held at room temperature for 6-8 hours before going out. Waffles hold up really well to the soft Carribean bread you cook them on – they’ve even held up to being boiled, fried and shot through. THE MENU: Traditional Crepes (Pancake): All you need is a regular pancake, cut in half, long-ways, then baked on the stone. Traditional Waffles (Waffle Wraps): These small waffles (about 2 inches across) are made to order, are fresh and don’t have any toppings. Wraps are even individually sealed and didn’t seem to need refrigeration upon arrival.


3. The ambience of Crepes & Waffles Restaurant: What is it like?

Crepes & Waffles is a hot spot for students, families, and the local community. Students love the place because it has a laid back, hipster vibe. Families love it because the food is delicious and the atmosphere is family-friendly.The service is amazing. They’re quick and kind to the customers, especially towards those who are late.

This review is only about some things that you can expect when you go to the restaurant, what you can get that you cannot at other places, and the overall experience I had while eating here. When you come in, there’s NOTHING to see. Sometimes I would bring friends just to grab waffles and some drinks. For breakfast, I usually ordered strong coffee (K-Cup Coffee), and to-go pasta for everyone. It’s usually a “three for one” deal.


4. What about the service at Crepes & Waffles Restaurant? Is it good?

The service at Crepes & Waffles was really good. The manager was nice and patient and answered all our questions. She also gave us a free sample of their famous waffles.  I never expected to like Crepes & Waffles. Going to a waffle house listed as a breakfast in the restaurant is like going to a place that serves tapas after midnight. But I did and I do love the ambiance and the service. I made my husband, a resident of Bogotá, order food here for his birthday. He really liked his lunch and his recommendation really helped us to choose the food we wanted. When we arrived and rang the bell, there were three employees coming to take our orders.  The staff will greet you as you enter and say, “Hello, how can I help you?” or, “I will take your order.”

We were a little surprised at how cheery the employees were. On a Friday afternoon, the restaurant was very busy with locals dining.


5. So, what’s the final verdict on Crepes & Waffles Restaurant?

If you’re looking for a fancy restaurant where you can have a great meal with your pals or your family, then Crepes & Waffles is the place to go. The food is great and the ambiance of the place is very chill. The service is great and the staff are very friendly and accommodating.  I am a big fan of fast-casual places with an excellent value — especially if the food is amazing. I’m also a big fan of unique, tasty, and artistic cuisine that don’t skimp on quality. On a recent road trip, I was craving an authentic Colombia fix and in search of a place that could satisfy both my craving and my search for something authentic. Due to the attractive price (each meal costs just $8.50 USA Dollars or 35Mil Colombia Pesos) and enticing sangria and cocktails, I went to Crepes & Waffles and I am so glad I did. I am going to try to give my review of the different dish that I ate here as objectively as possible, and while my genuine opinion might differ from other readers on reviews, I believe that the following statements are absolutely true: I was craving authentic Colombia food, something fresh, decentralized, inexpensive and delicious. This panaderia has it all! Colombia has so much beauty and culture but unfortunately, not all places are authentic. If that was not enough to convince you to go, here’s the famous Caribbean song that you usually hear at this restaurant: Be careful not to get the mocha or the chocolate! “Chocolate tan”? Colombia is so much more than chocolate! I am a huge fan of both cinnamon waffles and iced coffee in breakfast pastries, and I think that these are the main ingredients that this restaurant uses to make that sweet cinnamon taste. Now let’s talk about the desserts! While I was craving a cinnamon roll, I was quite satisfied by the Padrón crepes that I ordered.


Comment/Reviews From Previous Customers at Crepes & Waffles Restaurants:

Eric Hall

Alan Jimz i went to the one on Cra. 36 three years ago and loved the upper level with the semi-open roof. Went on Sunday and food was good but noticed two things. One was my waffle was neither hot nor warm and they had just opened (noon). The other was they do that American-style (not continental) where they come take your plate when they think you’re done (we weren’t done). They are trained that that is “service” but I’d rather they wait until at least we ask for the check. They obviously didn’t need the dishes for other guests; they’re trying to be “attentive.” I also was given a spoon and fork in one of those little paper bags (covid) but it was missing a knife. These are small things but overall good food, ambiance and service.

Dory Benami

Crepes & Waffles was born out of a university business project. The couple that formed it eventually got married and my mom met them when they were just getting started. Now they have locations throughout South America. I think one interesting thing you should mention in the review is that all of their employees except for the security guards are single moms.

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