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Dating Medellin Venues

Dating Colombian Women – Most Americans Make This HUGE Mistake…

ColombiaTips.com is a chatting, dating and match making site. We do not connect parties for sexual acts. We simply connect two adults for friendship, dating, or entertainment purposes.

Dating Colombian Women – www.ColombiaTips.com Tips :Most Americans Make This HUGE Mistake…Most Americans / Foreigners make this huge mistake when visiting Colombia. Let’s talk about it.


  1. Don’t wear flip-flops or open-toe shoes if you want to make a good impression on girls in Medellin. It’s ok on the coast, but here in Medellin they think it is gross.
  2. Don’t wear shorts. During the day it’s okay, as long as they are not beach shorts, wear some stylish shorts that come down to the knee or just above.


Other fact you need to adknowledge is women here are not gold diggers, even though Medellin is a city with a big prostitution range not all of them practice that. You are not going to find a good one if all you do is look for the ones that are always on the move. You can actually meet some normal girls at the mall, supermarket or even the bank. 

Dating apps

Is not a secret that dating apps help a lot nowadays, Facebook Dating and Tinder can be really useful for it.

All you gotta do is use some real photos that you look good in, not to share so much info about yourself just the necessary to be interesting for them. On those apps you will find girls from all sizes, skin colors, heights and ages. But all beautiful for sure.

But you gotta be careful, social media can be tricky, make sure to have your first date in a public place, make sure the profile is real by asking for a video call, and mostly make sure the women you are interested in is a good person and is not looking for money, unless you don’t mind give some money or buying things for them.


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