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Medellin Venues

Documentaries with this Venezuelan Dreamer/Barber – south america medellin colombia

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Proud to present this young man I met here in Medellin. He is only 20 years old and he himself is a foreigner from Venezuela living in Colombia now. He managed to escape poverty by picking up a pair of clippers. Now he has his own business cutting hair on his motorcycle. He goes all around town everyday cutting hair for folks for as little at $7! The average price for a hair cut in Medellin is about $5 so this is just $2 more to have your hair done at the comfort of your own home.

What I love about this guy is he is an inspiration for many youths in the world. Dreams are endless if you can somehow rise above the pain life sometimes brings. Maybe he reminds me of me, since I have had such a similar life. I started my own business at 15, selling pagers.

Well this young man you can reach him at +57-321-579-3379 the Mobile Medellin Barber – (RISKO) medellin colombia