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Eating Healthy: 3 Tips For Men [3 of 7]

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Eating healthy tips

3 tips for men

You’re not eating healthy food: “So what?”

Eating healthy is the goal! When you eat dense foods, such as breads and processed foods, your blood sugar can spike quickly. This triggers your body to release insulin to absorb the sugar and return it to energy stores in the liver and muscles. The release of insulin means your blood sugar will suddenly drop — which is what causes that sluggish feeling we call “the sugar blues.” Eating more vegetables and protein-rich foods can help keep your blood sugar even throughout the day.

Hey, gang.

Real quick.

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Okay back to our post…..

TIP 1: Carbs are not your enemy, so eat the good ones!

Eating healthy is the goal, Okay? With that in mind, there’s a good kind of carb, the kind that (promotes a healthy digestive system and metabolism and a bad kind that (processed foods as starches and sugars)

  • The bad carbs are: (so stay away from these and DON’T EAT THEM)
  • Pastries
  • White bread
  • White rice
  • Enriched or refined dough
  • Enriched or refined pasta
  • Okay?

Are you onboard?

(I know these taste good and you can maybe have them a few times a year, but your eating default mode should always be to eat the good kinds of carbs only.)

So why aren’t you supposed to eat these BAD carbs if they taste so damn good?

Here’s why.

These are carbohydrates that have most of their necessary nutrients removed. Your body needs these nutrients so you can feel good and have a healthy body so that you can have more energy throughout the day to do stuff and enjoy life with no unnecessary health issues.

Companies like McDonald’s, Papa John’s Pizza, and many big national chains want the simple carbs to be digested quickly, (so you can buy more of their bad food faster) causing spikes in your blood sugar and making you feel (like crap) and you go hungry sooner (this aint’ good!)

The short-time fullness leads to you getting fatter faster, you overeating, weight gain, and bad health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. (All stuff that leads you to the grave faster!)

DO THIS Instead…..

Eat the good kind of carbs 

Complex carbs are the good kind. Because they’re full of nutritional layers that your body needs like bran and fiber that make you digest them slower. When your body doesn’t digest these good carbs as fast, your body leads to a slower but steady release of glucose, preventing spikes in blood sugar. (This is what you want, a steady release of energy throughout your day.)

Also, Carbohydrates are further broken into three more categories:

  1. Fibers
  2. Starches, and
  3. Sugars

Fiber comes from plant-type foods (think beets, carrots, broccoli, collard greens, and artichokes). Remember, fiber is a complex carb that isn’t totally broken down during digestion. It does this instead, it passes through your intestines and helps digest other minerals and nutrients.

The best part though? It also helps you feel full longer, preventing overeating. So ya don’t get fatter

Healthy ways to eat

Leave the Fat Pride to Homer Simpson, Not you!

Good examples and sources of fiber are:

  • Legumes like lentils, peas, and beans
  • Veggies and Fruits with skin you can eat think apples, grapes, and plums
  • Seeds (think pumpkin, flax, chia)
  • Nuts (think almonds, walnuts, pistachios)
  • Whole grains (think quinoa and whole oats)
  • Brown rice, pasta, and cereals made with whole grains (keeps the good stuff in)


TIP 2: Cook with healthy oils like olive oil & avocado oil

Olive oil

Olive oil


Not only are these cooking oils good for you, they make your food taste good too.

In Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece (Gotta love those mediterranean folk!) for example, the locals love their Extra-virgin olive oil. According to the Yale School of Medicine, the health benefits of olive oil are a reduced risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases with the added protection against viruses. Sounds good to me! How about you, are you okay with that ColombiaTips.com family?

Avocado oil

Hey did you know that cooking with avocado oil has mostly good fats — polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, plus a small amount of saturated fat?


It’s true according to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. Also, if you love raw avocados just by itself or for a delicious avocado dip, these technically fruit delights are also a good source of vitamins E and A and have some fiber as a bonus.

TIP 3: Take a daily multivitamin

According to Harvard Medical, “A daily multivitamin is a great nutrition insurance policy”.
You can pop a pill every morning or night can’t ya? It’s probably one of the easiest and healthiest things you can do without even thinking about it or trying.

Plus, if you are honest with yourself you probably would agree that your body can benefit from supplementing the food you eat because you don’t get enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and fiber in your “always on the go-go-go” world.

There you have it.

3 tips on how to start eating healthy for men.
Tips that you can actually do starting today immediately after reading this blog post!

Stay tuned for our next blog post [4 of 7] where we discuss that you’re spending too much time in front of a screen and what you can do to help you gain back control and improve your quality of life by ditching the time-sucking vampire apps.

Stay cool. ?


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