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Feeling Bad and Stuck: 3 Tips On How To Overcome For Men [7 of 7]

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Do you feel bad?

Feeling bad is a struggle. When your body is breaking down, & you feel unhealthy, what is recommended? 

I’m glad you asked. 

Well ColombiaTips.com family according to Steven C. Hayes Ph.D. from Psychology Today, he says that your feelings and emotions are designed to be felt. The problem is not so much with your feelings but rather, with your mind. 

So what?


You need to practice new skills that’s what.

Do you have them?

TIP 1: Practice Psychological Flexibility

lazy squirrel

I’m a lazy squirrel, NOT YOU!

Feeling bad all the time is not normal. So what are you supposed to do if you do feel bad and you want to feel better? 

You practice psychological flexibility.

Think of this as a new skill set under your belt which is having command of a group of six neural processes that explain how you can deal with your mental hangups. 

To effectively deal with your emotions and LEARN to live a rich and meaningful life, you have to practice these new skill sets. Sounds too good to be true? Give it a try

Open up to your emotions

Feeling bad and stuck doesn’t have to feel like a life-sentence of negative emotions of anxiety, guilt, (guilt serves a purpose but should not linger more than necessary) depression, and shame. So how do you open up to your emotions? Give these a try:

  • Ask yourself “what have I been avoiding?
    • A difficult conversation?
    • Unresolved trauma
      • Bad stuff like (childhood stuff, broken home, abusive parents, absence of a father or mother)
    • Not accepting the passing of a friend, spouse, or loved one?
  • Journal and “Pour out” how you’re feeling by writing down on an old school pen and paper letter notepad.
  • Who do you need to apologize to and have you apologized yet?
  • Are you going against your own personal values?
    • If yes, why?
    • If no, try raising your own standards of excellence and quality


TIP 2: Learn to feel better

This cat don't feel stuck

I don’t feel stuck, get a massage!

Still feeling bad to the point it still makes you sick? 


Try this.

Forgive Yourself.


According to Crystal Raypole of Healthline.com, she recommends a 4-step process for forgiving yourself so you can move past your trauma and “Learn to feel better” 

  1. Take on the burden and responsibility for past and present actions.
  2. Show genuine regret and remorse without allowing the feelings to convert into shame and humiliation.
  3. Make a commitment to yourself to make peace for any harm you caused.
  4. Trust yourself and practice self-acceptance to help you remember to do better in the future.

Feeling stuck doesn’t have to be forever

I think we’ve all felt stuck for one reason or another. 

The question is, “how do you move on and get unstuck?” Patricia Harteneck, Ph.D. from Psychology Today says, to begin with tiny changes. 

This helps you build momentum and that’s the secret sauce you need to leave your rut in the dust. 

Tracy Brower from Forbes.com says to ask for help. Asking help from someone takes courage and sometimes you need a helping hand (Hey we all do).

Reach out to someone you trust and get the help you need to move past your stagnation.  

TIP 3: You don’t need anyone’s permission


Don't feel stuck

You don’t need permission, Just Do The Thing!

To move forward you need to muster up the courage to get going. Lolly Daskal at Forbes.com, says that you don’t need anyone’s permission, and the perfect time will never arrive. 

Be resourceful and do the best that you can with what you have to get moving. 

Lolly also gives sage advice in saying that the way to get unstuck is to NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS! (I struggle with this personally and I know it’s hard not to do).

Because when you do, it’s a waste of time, she says. Instead, compare yourself today to yourself from yesterday and compare where you were before and the progress you’ve made. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back! As long as you are making steady progress, who cares if others have more stuff and money. You focus on YOU. And YOU alone. Got it? 


Well ColombiaTips.com family that’s all I have for ya.


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