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How To Not Get Robbed in Colombia (Latin America) – Lock Your Computer

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How To Not Get Robbed in Colombia (Latin America) – Lock Your Computer

Getting robbed in Colombia happens frequently, but the good thing is this happens any where in the world.  However, being a foreigner you are looked at as a easy target.  Here is a little tip I follow myself to keep my computer safe while in Latin America.

Use a Computer Lock

Yes your laptop has a lock on it, its that little hole that you never knew existed till now.  You simple buy a little lock with a cable and attach it.  It’s as simple as that.  This has a double win, are you ready!???

When you Lock Your Computer – Lock it to Your Bag… Now Your Bag is Safe

Professional thieves won’t hold a gun up to you usually for your bag or laptop.  They will wait till you go to the restroom or you are distracted professionally by a team of them.

Let’s be Real… A Laptop can be up to 5 Months of Income for a Colombian Family

Don’t be dumb, you leave your laptop unattended it will be gone.  It’s just a matter of time.  At the bare minimum ask someone who works there to watch it while you go the bathroom.


Live Robbery Caught on Video – Stolen Laptop by a Man in a Professional Suit at Pergamino



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