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How To Reduce Screen Time: 3 Secrets For Men [4 of 7]

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Reduce screen time

Reduce your screen time, get your life back!



SECRET 1: Keep screens out of the bedroom

To reduce screen time, simply keep them out of your sanctuary of rest and relaxation – your bedroom! Seriously, don’t use any kind of backlit screen at least 1-2 hours right before bedtime. Why? because these screens of yours shoot off and emit light that can interrupt your quality of sleep and that ain’t good if you’re already tired from the night before! Straight up, keep devices — including televisions — out of your bedroom completely. (So no Netflix and chill okay gang!)

TVs / Tablets / Phones / Laptops in the bedroom are bad for ya

If used improperly, the same tech gadgets you love, this technology can be harmful to your health.

Bottom line, having any kind of electronic gadgets, yup…even your iPhone or Android cell phone you feel you just can’t live without RUINS YOUR SLEEP. A Stanford Medicine study found that when young university adults are trying to go to sleep, 28 out of 100 students leave their phones on while sleeping. (I’m guilty of this too but I’m improving by turning the device to silent mode…..but you’re better than me so leave the gadgets outside your bedroom! If you leave your phone inside your bedroom, this aint good because you will eventually be tempted to answer those constant notifications only to be awakened at night by stupid unnecessary calls, texts, or emails that simply can just wait until tomorrow.


Reduce screen time by removing electronics from bedroom

Even Homer needs to sleep (and he’s a cartoon). Get some sleep

In addition gang, according to the Stanford Study, sleep deprivation increases the likelihood you will suffer bad consequences like not being able to concentrate, drowsy-driving incidents (worse than driving drunk!), anxiety attacks, bouts of depression, and even suicide attempts or thoughts of suicide. All because ya wanted to keep those electronics in your bedroom huh?

(Shaking my head).  


Secret 2: Reduce screen time by purchasing an old-school alarm 

Reduce screen time and have a regular alarm clock

Time to wake up!


“Many of us use our phones as alarm clocks, meaning they are the last thing we see at night,” writes Alex Hern in The Guardian. It’s also “the first thing we see in the morning, perhaps even before our eyes are fully open.”

To effectively reduce the screen time

Again, ColombiaTips.com staff writers are not saying cell phones are bad. What we are saying is that in order to see less of your phone, and thus removing the temptations to see who is texting you or checking on Instagram those hot models page, (c’mon we know you do that……) Seriously, though just buy an alarm clock off of amazon.com 








Don’t you feel good about yourself now that you’ve reclaimed your bedroom 




And not…….being a gadget-addicted, scrolling, zombie instead?


Good on ya. 

Onto the last tip.


Secret 3: Reduce screen time by going from color to gray on your phone

3 secrets to reduce screen time!

Use this tip, it works!

John Rampton from Calendar.com gives the advice to turn your phone to a boring and unattractive device…(paraphrasing here)

He suggests that the Switch to grayscale is a great way to use your phone less.

Both iOS and Android let you switch your phone’s display color gray. Trust me, I’ve done it and my iPhone ain’t the same! From pretty colors to a bland plastic paper weight….Yeah it works.  


Your eyes simply will interpret the loss of visual appeal as boring and now there is no incentive to scroll…..wait for it……GASP…., INSTAGRAM IN GRAY? 




Who wants to see hot models in black and white? 

This ain’t the 1950s ya know?

iPhone & Android gray settings

For iPhone users, head into Settings. Next, select Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Color Filters. Last, toggle the switch on so that the Grayscale option appears.


Android device users can go gray (not gay) by opening up the Setting panels and going into Digital Wellbeing. Select Wind Down and you choose from turning Grayscale on now or schedule it for a later time.


Well ColombiaTips.com family that’s all I have for ya.


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