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How To Relieve Stress: 3 Tips For Men [6 Of 7]

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TIP 1: Relieve stress by getting out the house

How to relieve stress 3 tips for men


Relieve stress and even anxiety by spending time outdoors. You might not realize it, but sunlight plays an important role in regulating your circadian rhythm. The National Institute of Health says the same thing but in a nerd way. It may also lead to emotional and cognitive problems like seasonal depression for lack of God’s sunrays on your forehead!

Schedule something to look forward to

Relieving stress can easily be accomplished by looking forward to something you enjoy. 

According to Justin from Gravity blankets, he says staying inside all day can be broken up by planning ahead. 

For example, meet a friend for coffee, a smoothie break, or even lunch or dinner to switch up the routine. Both you and your friend will appreciate the change of pace. 

And this intentional break will put a smile back on your face. 

TIP 2: Spend time with nature, but what if you can’t be outside?

3 tips to help beat stress for men

“Get out tha house squirrel!”

A break from stress can help you recharge your mood batteries. 

But what if you can’t be outside for whatever reason like work, video meetings, and weather restrictions. According to TIME.COM buy some plants for your home or apartment or viewing photos of nature can help you relieve stress without going outside; and hey, that’s better than nothing, right? 


(Although, we really encourage you to get out when you can).

Have a hobby. Don’t got one do this.

I play guitar ColombiaTips.com family. 

That’s right! I know about 5 songs now. 

When I was in middle school (we called it Junior High) I played for about 3 years. 

Then I grew up and never played again. Now at middle age (45 years old at the time of this writing) I started playing guitar again. 

This can easily be played indoors and gives me pleasure, helps me to break up the routine and boring monotony in life, and makes me happy. 

Ask yourself these questions to help you identify a hobby you might like:

  • What did I enjoy as a kid?
  • Do I prefer to 
    • Write?
    • Sing?
    • Dance?
    • Create?
    • Work with my hands?
  • What kind of musical instruments do I like?
  • Do I like to collect things?

These questions can help you uncover hidden and dormant feelings you can reconnect with. 

For me it was playing guitar. I hope you can find your hobby you’ll enjoy.

TIP 3: Laugh More!

Jerry says to "Laugh More!" to beat stress

Listen to Jerry, “Laugh More!”

According to the Mayo Clinic, even watching a comedy of your favorite stand-up comic (my favorites are Dave Chappelle, Sebastian Maniscalco, & Earthquake), “causes positive physical changes in your body. 

Laughter fires up and then cools down your stress response.” 

Trust me. 

It works. 

Watch a stand-up comedy special and laugh away your stress. So laugh more!

Listen to music

To relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression, my favorite tip to share with you is to listen to your favorite music. 

I have never ever met a person that doesn’t like music. 

Have you?

I don’t think you ever will.

Music soothes the soul. It soothes my soul anyway and can help you with a mood boost. Harvard Medical says that listening to music or playing an instrument (like guitar….smiley face) activates different parts of your brain — and can aid your mood and memory. 

Music has the natural ability to energize, soothe, and even to enhance your memory. 

That’s good enough for me! So go ahead and put on your favorite music. (You get bonus points if you drop that needle on some vinyl). 


Well that’s all I got for ya.

I hope you got a kick outta this blog post. 

I enjoy writing these for ya!

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