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Medellin Nightlife on 70th Street – La Setenta

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Medellin Nightlife on 70th Street – La Setenta

The Street “la Setenta” – 70: Pre-party & Salsa in Medellin If you prefer a nightlife a bit more authentic, you should head to Laureles. Alcohol is cheap, music is loud, and there are almost no foreigners. La 70 is a short street between the Stadium and La Universidad Pontifica. Paisas love to party. From sauntering through salsa clubs, getting low in reggaetón bars, fist-pumping to techno, belting out the lyrics to vallenato, or simply enjoying beers and ‘guaro at the tienda, you can guarantee the nights are loud and continue into the early hours of the morning.

Back to the better parts of Medellin. Less known in English is that this street runs its longest right down to Plaza de Mayo, and is known as “La Setenta”. As long as you draft up your courage, you can enjoy a variety of parties in this area, from indoor to outdoor, all the way to the heights of the adjacent rooftops. What I wouldn’t give for a rooftop bar called “Patio del Diablo swinging by with his beautiful mule’!

3 Top Venues to Check out on La Setenta (70th Street)

#1 – La Tienda de la 70 – Carrera 70 Circular 3-28

#2 – La Charcu – Carrera 70, Circular 2 #48

#3 – Oye Bonita – Carrera 70, Circular 4 #11

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