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Medellin Nightlife Safety Tips Travel Tips

Medellin Nightlife in Provenza

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Provenza Medellin is very close to Parque Lleras, but a completely different vibe. Provenza is up the hill from Parque Lleras. www.ColombiaTips.com

It is more expensive and less tourist compared to Parque Lleras area. Fine dining can be found in this area with restaurants ranging from $10 to $40 a plate.

Not many escorts in this area, as most of them are at the Parque Lleras central park area.

Parque lleras en Medellin is very close about a 5 to 10 minute walk down from Provenza.

The Provenza nightlife is full of fun but without the sex tourist that is so obvious and not hidden in Parque Lleras area. Not many escorts will approach you in this area. medellin travel guide


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