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Travel Tips

Solo Travel 2021 Digital Nomad 2021 Tips

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Travel Tips can save your life, literally. Now this tip may save your business and personal life. You must learn how to start NOT depending on others, and having a PLAN A, B, AND C. Solo Travel means you are on your own, and no one can save you very easily. Travel 2021 has been much more difficult because of the pandemic, but now that the world is opening back up. Now it’s the time to start preparing.

Digital nomad 2021 lifestyle means total independence, however that is a double edge sword.

Digital nomad girls can even be more of a risk, so girls need to think 10 steps ahead, such as checking out each neighborhood BEFORE booking a place. Girls ask other GIRLS what did they think of the area, was their a security guard.

The digital nomad lifestyle is NOT for everyone, it can be very secluded at times. Especially if you do not speak the language. However, I find digital nomads to be more happier then those in the rat race back in the states. Just my opinion.

So Back Up Tips! You must back up everything in life. Including;

— Phones — Laptop Data — Keys — Credit Cards — Even your emergency friends (have 4 at least ready to help you, keep some money with them too… like $25 a piece) Traveling abroad is a beast, and if done wrong can leave you in a hard place and possibly homeless.


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