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Top 5 Tips for Dating Colombian Women

Date Finder Feb 08
ColombiaTips.com is a chatting, dating and match making site. We do not connect parties for sexual acts. We simply connect two adults for friendship, dating, or entertainment purposes.

When it comes to Colombian women we can say they are really sweet, determined but mostly, beautiful. Is not a secret that a lot of foreigners that come are kinda looking for a relationship here, if that is the case, we have the top 5 tips for dating Colombian women that will help you out to conquer that pretty lady between your eyes.

Here’s some things you should consider when dating Colombian Women :

    1. ‘’The gringo effect’’: yes, that’s how we call it because women in Medellin are always interested in meeting guys from all over the world. This means that you will be turning a lot of heads as soon they hear you talk, this is can be a starter when it comes to date in this city
    2. Try to know some spanish: at least the basics. This is going to help you a lot with communication, even though most girls speak English here it is a must knowing some words because maybe you like one that doesn’t speak english that well or at all.
    3. Be kind: You need to Be kind and less common, by this I mean do not go out with compliments or vulgar compliments, because they will think that you only want them to have sex.
    4. Dont pull Pablo Escobar jokes: Medellin has been well known for the drug traffic since the 80’s, but the people here are not really proud of that, so don’t make jokes about drugs but it could be mistaken.

How to date Colombian women in Medellin

In that sense, socially it is really easy to get to date Colombian women in Medellin because they are open, they like to talk and they are really nice and polite. But you may wonder which is the easiest way to know them.

The clubs in Medellin are always a good option, most on weekends, normally girls go in groups to the clubs and we know it can be a little scary to make the first move.

If you are too shy to go to clubs, we have an amazing way to find you a girl. Yes, in this link:  http://colombiatips.com/questionaire/  you can specify the type of women in you like or you are looking for. Once is filled up we will link you to her and promise you will have a fantastic time.

When it comes to going out to find a girl you don’t need to play ‘’the game’’ mostly because if they are interested in you they will show it. 

But if clubs are not your thing in your daily life, Colombian women are open to have a conversation with you, so being comfortable in your skin will give you a lot of points when it comes to dating in Medellin.  Paisa women are independent, so talking about the things you have, money or luxury may get you a few but will not impress all of them.

That said, honesty can be your best card to play while dating in Medellin. Let them know what you want and be clear about it, they can get really possessive because that’s the way they like it.

We can help you

If you are interested to find a good women during your time in Colombia, we have a questionaire that will find you the one you are looking for! so click this link: http://colombiatips.com/questionaire/ and let us know the type of girl that you like, from the age to physical characteristics. This a way to find that girl without putting yourself in tricky situations, so fill it up and we will link you to your perfect match.

The ‘’dress code’’

Medellin girls always look nice, good styles, fashion clothes, good hair, clean nails and beautiful make up, so here goes a list of the do’s and dont’s to impress and date Colombian women.


  1. Do shave your armpits. Sounds strange but most Paisa girls expect this. In fact, they expect you to shave your arms and sometimes legs too. As long as you’re not super hairy you’re fine.
  2.  Tuck your shirt in when you go to a fancy club. local males do this and women respond to it.
  3. Take a shower before meeting her.
  4. Do brush your teeth. If you’ve got nice teeth this can be a great defining quality to women here since they are obsessed with nice white teeth.
  5. Do wear cologne. They love that here. Most local guys douse themselves in it.
  6. Do look sharp at all times. 
  7. Do groom. This means plucking your nose and ear hair.  


  1. Don’t wear flip-flops or open-toe shoes if you want to make a good impression on girls in Medellin. It’s ok on the coast, but here in Medellin they think it is gross.
  2. Don’t wear shorts. During the day it’s okay, as long as they are not beach shorts, wear some stylish shorts that come down to the knee or just above.

Other fact you need to acknowledge is women here are not gold diggers, even though Medellin is a city with a big prostitution range not all of them practice that.

You are not going to find a good one if all you do is look for the ones that are always on the move. You can actually meet some normal girls at the mall, supermarket or even the bank. 

Dating apps


All you gotta do is use some real photos that you look good in, not to share so much info about yourself just the necessary to be interesting for them. On those apps you will find girls from all sizes, skin colors, heights and ages. But all beautiful for sure.

But you gotta be careful, social media can be tricky, make sure to have your first date in a public place, make sure the profile is real by asking for a video call, and mostly make sure the women you are interested in is a good person and is not looking for money, unless you don’t mind give some money or buying things for them.

Maybe apps are not your thing, but we can help you trough this link:  http://colombiatips.com/questionaire/ here you can find your dreamgirl, here in Medellin there is a lot of types of women, tell us what you like and we will link you up.

In conclusion, women in Medellin are gorgeous no doubt but you gotta play it smart if you want to date one during your vacation or if you are planning to actually live here. 

As independent as women are nowadays, Colombian women are used to the gentlemanly man who accompanies them to the house. Accompanying her is just a smart way to show your interest in her safe arrival. 

You just gotta be safe, smart and be able to enjoy this magical city with somebody who shows you the real goods.


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