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Top 5 Best Coffee Shops in Medellin

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The Top 5 Best Coffee Shops in Medellin … hummm… this is a tough one.  So in this review I am not just going to talk about the Coffee Taste.  I am going to review the entire cafe.  Let’s break it down for a second.  As a foreigner here in Medellin, I need the cafe to have a few things, some rather important things.

  1. Great location (i’m not driving across town, so either in Poblado or Laureles)
  2. Fast internet
  3. Space to setup my computer
  4. Plugs / Electricity
  5. Good lighting
  6. Good energy

#1 – Cafe Hija Mija in Manilla (El Poblado)

Super fast internet, food is delicious, but someone was robbed by gunpoint here recently.  But still my top choice.  Robbers love Iphones and MacBooks. FYI.

#2 – Pergamino next to Parque Lleras (there are multiple locations)

I love this location because of the location.  Whoever designed this was evidently a professional.  The warm wood, and lighting are extraordinary.  Now the bad part.. Slow internet although you can get about 5mb max usually.  Bad – Coffee is blahhhhh … in fact may be a little tart.   I drink with no sugar or creams… So french press or American Black… (fyi I love Cappuccinos but my waste line doesn’t)



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